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Product function MC--Minsine is the latest product for power quality management developed by Noble Energy Technology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. It integrates high-frequency power electronic switch converter technology into analog and digital hybrid circuit technology, for dynamic harmonic suppression, compensation of zero sequence harmonic of the system, three-phase unbalance compensation of the system, voltage sags, surge, voltage impulse, instant power outage, quick compensation of reactive power required by the system, to suppress voltage fluctuation and flicker and to enhance system stability. This is an integrated product for saving energy and improving power supply quality.   Application This product is applicable to harmonic sources with quick changes, for example, the hybrid loads of arc furnace, electric locomotive, rectifying, frequency conversion, power frequency and medium-frequency sensor heating, high-frequency sensor heating and welding, loads of low-voltage high-power electrolysis, electroplating and arc furnace, and loads of pumping unit in oil field, steel rolling plant, chemical industry, medium-frequency furnace, underground railway, machinery factory, wind power plant, pumping station, port, automobile factory, exhibition hall, office building and winder. It has been widely applied in industries like automobile, metallurgy, shipbuilding, shipment, electric power, machinery manufacturing, railway, coal mining, chemical industry and oil field. Suitable for initial distribution design, the product may satisfy the users’ requirement for intelligent distribution design in the manner of “N+1”.
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