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bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方     Product Overview Targeting at the Chinese market with increasing electrical power contamination and dissipation, bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方 is a type of high-level power electronics product for power efficiency control. With perfect incorporation of the worldwide widely used state-of-art research achievements in modern electric power control industry over 8 key fields such as time domain based current detection technology (TTA), this product can provide real time monitoring for power grid transmission and various power consumption facilities on a varieties of dynamic status such as voltage, current and power quality supervision. This product can also contribute to electrical pollution control with appropriate timing, boost overall power efficiency for industry and maximize the performance of power facilities in terms of power consumption efficiency. In a word, it is the first choice within the energy efficiency and electrical power quality control market all over china.   Basic Principles of bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方 Using the world widely-used algorithm of time domain transformation based current detection method (TTA, structure shown in Figure 1-2), high-speed Digital Signal Processor (DSP), Discrete Fourier Transformation (DFT) and dedicated AD sampling chip, power supply is decoupled into fundamental positive sequence component for active power, fundamental positive sequence component for reactive power, fundamental negative sequence component for active power, fundamental negative sequence component for reactive power, harmonic negative sequence component and harmonic positive sequence component.( the diagram for decoupling the fundamental current with the method of symmetrical components are shown in Figure 1-3). As a result, various needs for on-site efficiency control can be met (system configuration shown in Fig. 1-4). 图1-1:基于时域的电流检测算法TTA的结构图   图1-2:基波电流分量用对称分量法分解后的示意图   图1-3:bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方系统结构示意图
  Features: •Self-adaptive management tracing dynamic energy efficiency with real time data acquisition for the efficiency control system. Capable of serving as a power manager. •Capable of seamlessly capturing and eliminating anyharmonics on a real time basis. Effectively eliminate additional loss of electric power. •Numerical self-detection on power factor with various methods of compensation function. •On-site or remote online monitoring and management function incorporated hence improving energy consumption efficiency. •Friendly man-machine interaction, humanized design, easy and convenient operation. • Electrical power quality control: providing simultaneous improvements on various aspects such as 3-phase unbalanced current, surging, flickering. Effective enhancement on power supply quality. •Fast dynamic response. Response time can be reduced to 5ms. •Strong displaying capability for a variety of data. A variety of data, tables and waveforms corresponding to the condition before and after power efficiency management system is in operation can be displayed on a real time dynamic basis, including voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor, harmonic voltages and currents and its histogram, Total Harmonic Distortion(THD), voltage and current waveform and etc. •Import material andsurface electrophoretic coating technology used. Stable operation within a minimum length of 10 years in solid environment guaranteed. •Customized design according to the actual conditions of various industries in China to meet the needs of various customers.     Application Range:   bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方 has a broad application perspective in the market of power efficiency control in China. It can provide the electrical facilities with power consumption management and control services for a varieties of industries such aspetrochemical industry, tobacco industry, wine-making, coal-mining, automobile manufacturing, metal smelting, electric power, light industry, building material manufacturing, mechanical engineering and so on. The specific applications for the above listed industries as the followings:   Tuning device of the motor drives;   Thyristor-based DC and AC power supplies for arc furnace.   Thyristor-based DC and AC power supplies for rolling mills   Rectifiers for electrolysis andgalvanization   Inverters and frequency converters for medium and high frequency induction furnace   and other converters incorporated with power electronics devices.   Extensive uses can be applied in industries, commercial units, institutions and organizations such as power systems of communications services, power supply for Securities Transaction, backup power supply systems for airports and harbors, medical image-forming systems, various types of UPS/generators, power grid systems, pumping systems for oilfields, electronics industries, electrolysis andgalvanization industries,petrochemical industries, automobile manufacturers, underground railways, exhibition venues and the power distribution networks of commercial office buildings.
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