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bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方  Key values bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方 provides for customers Energy conservation, great economic value for an enterprise■The manufacturing and operating energy consumption and cost are reduced. ■Power quality and operation efficiency is improved, hence great economic value through high-efficiency manufacturing Enhancement on facility operation safety and stability, hence lower operation and maintenance cost■Operation reliability and effectiveness are enhanced and a sustainable power saving is achieved■The risk of production interruption is reduced by appropriate design and management.■High-efficiency and smooth energy consumption is ensured with active and preventive maintenance and services. Green power grid, an embodiment of enterprises social responsibility■It is guaranteed that the power quality of an enterprise-owned distribution power system meet national standards and no penalty will be liable for failing to meet the requirement of State Grid.■A high-efficiency green environment of power network is an embodiment of an enterprise’s social responsibility and value.  NOBLE’s world-leading energy saving technologybwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方 is a dynamic power quality compensation device based on high-power inverter, which applies power electronics technology, computer technology and modern control technology to the power system. By controlling the voltage phase of the device output and implementing flexible and fast control for the network parameters and network structure of the power system, the entire range from inductance to capacitance is continuously reactive adjusted to achieve the reactive power requirement of the rapid compensation system, which suppresses voltage fluctuation and enhances the system stability. bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方 can address the power quality problems, which are with short duration and rapid variation, such as harmonic, voltage sags, surge, voltage impulse and instantaneous outage, as well as the dynamic power quality problems accompanied with partly or even whole active loss. It can dynamically compensate the power quality issues, such as harmonics, reactive power, negative sequence and frequency variation, reducing line loss, enhancing active transmission capacity, suppressing harmonics and improving power quality. It has some advantages, such as fast response, continuously absorbing reactive power, small harmonic current and low loss. The driven technology of bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方:In many cases, the load current changes fast and frequently, if there is longer time delay between compensation instructions and actual current, there is big fundamental wave in the instruction current signals, which is obtained by applying indirect method, such as the fundamental wave positive sequence active component, the fundamental wave positive sequence reactive component, the fundamental wave negative sequence active component, the fundamental wave negative reactive component, the fundamental wave positive sequence active current and so on. It will lead bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方 to issue or absorb active current, which need more bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方 capacity. For the instruction signal obtained by the direct method, there is amplitude difference leading to incomplete harmonic compensation, which reduces the compensation performance of bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方. To solve the above problems, bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方 applies predictive current detection method, in which the TTA algorithm and prediction operator are combined perfectly. The prediction operator is shown in Figure 1-1.The operator definition:In equation (1-1), m is the current operation frequency period; m-1 is previous operation frequency period, n is the current sampling points and N is the sampling points in single period. The fundamental wave or harmonic component with specified number could be calculated with the sample data in the previous period multiplied by the above obtained. Then the fundamental wave or harmonic current value in the current load current could be obtained, and the corresponding compensation instructions can almost reflect the load variation in real time with less time delay (which means the time delay the in the maximum sampling period).Figure 1-1: the diagram of the prediction operatorWhen TTA algorithm and prediction operator are combined, there will be a flexible bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方 current detection method, which is suitable for compensating the rapid changing load, as shown in Figure 1-2.  Figure 1-2: TTA algorithm diagram with prediction performanceThe current detection method with prediction operator enables the compensation instructions to track the load current variation rapidly. The compensated current in grid side can rapidly track the load current variation with small time delay (in micro-second), which greatly improves the dynamic performance. The unique advantages of bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方
1、DSP with high-speed calculationbwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方 is equipped with the built-in ROM (made by TI company), FLASH, large RAM and plenty of external interface, with compact size, high speed (128K), easy to use and other features. The TMS320F28335 DSF processor, which is powerful, low power consumption, stable performance with 32 bit floating-point and 150MHZ frequency, is combined with the special AD sampling chip, and then the digital operation control board is developed independently. The power supply is decomposed into fundamental wave positive sequence active component, fundamental wave positive sequence reactive component, fundamental wave negative sequence component and harmonic positive sequence component. The harmonic, reactive power and negative sequence are calculated and compensated in the same time, including harmonic compensation, reactive power compensation, negative compensation, harmonic compensation with specified number, to meet the different compensation functions. It can implement the real-time dynamic monitoring for the grid and energy-consuming devices, such as current, voltage, energy, and quality factor. It can also adjust device energy consumption to achieve the best operation condition, and the calculation speed is up to microsecond.2、Detection with high precisionThe perfect combination of bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方 detection algorithm and prediction operator will automatically eliminate the effects of frequency error for harmonic detection amplitude, which improves the detection precision greatly. The effect of frequency error for the harmonic detection amplitude is shown in Figure(a); the effect of frequency error for the harmonic detection phase is shown in Figure(b).(a):The effect of frequency error for the harmonic detection amplitude       (b):The effect of frequency error for the harmonic detection phase 3、Compensation with flexibility• 3.1 If bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方 is not used to compensate the reactive power but harmonic and the fundamental wave negative sequence, you can only use equationto calculate for the fundamental wave negative sequence current signal, then the load current signal is subtracted by to get the instruction signal. If bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方 is used to compensate the fundamental wave negative sequence, you can only use equation to calculate for the fundamental wave negative sequence current signal.If the grid side current is requested to be the fundamental wave current with three-phase symmetrical after compensation, and the power factor is 1, you can letin equation, for obtaining the active componenin the fundamental wave positive sequence. The load current signal is subtracted by  to get the instruction signal.Similarly,let, you can get the reactive component in the fundamental wave positive sequence.• If bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方 is not used to compensate the reactive power and negative sequence but harmonic, you can use equationto calculate for the fundamental wave current signal , then the load current signal is subtracted by to get the instruction signal.
•  If bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方 is used to compensate the harmonic with specified number, you can use equation   to calculate for the harmonic current signal , i.e. the harmonic current signal with specified number. In fact, it is not need to distinguish the harmonic active power and the harmonic reactive power, so you can use  、 to replace  and , so that the equation are greatly simplified.
 4、The voltage output with perfect waveformRespectively, the grid voltage waveform component of before and after running bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方 are shown in Figure 1-4 and Figure 1-5. 
Figure 1-4: The distorted grid voltage waveform 
Figure 1-5: The grid voltage waveform after using bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方
 Powerful functions of bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方♦Real time collecting energy efficiency system data can achieve adaptive dynamic energy efficiency management and provides users the effective evidence to make the best of the energy reasonablely;♦ Customized design, large LCD display, user-friendly HMI, upper unit on-line debug;♦ With comprehensive function of displaying parameters, it can display bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方 and corresponding parameters before and after compensation, such as current virtual value, voltage virtual value, active power, reactive power and apparent power;♦ The patent technology, which does not need to make reactive compensation for the capacitors with high reliability, can implement reactive power full compensation for harmonic and fundamental wave. It can implement continuous reactive power adjustment for the whole range from inductance to capacitance, meeting the reactive power requirements of rapid compensating system with power factor forced to compensate up to 0.98, which has dual effect of energy-saving and environmental protection;♦ Applying the asymmetric compensation can compensate negative sequence current, re-balancing three-phase current, eliminating the current superposition of zero-order harmonic on midline, which improves the safety of electrical equipment;♦ Can effectively solve the dynamic power quality problems, which are with short duration and rapid variation, such as harmonic, voltage sags, surge, voltage impulse, instantaneous power supply outage, and some or even all of active power loss, reducing the additional energy loss, thereby it can effectively improve power quality;♦ Rapid dynamic response, with response time reduced to 5us (10-6s);♦ The capacity is up to 2100A, which can be applied in all kinds of complex industrial site;♦ The equipment is parallel connected with the system, which is easy and flexible to use. It operates safely, reliably and stably with good protection functions, such as converter overcurrent, overheating, power overload, overvoltage, and others. Flexible applications of bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方 can be widely used in the following equipments and industries:Rapidly changing harmonic source, such as electric arc furnace, electric locomotives, rectification, converter, industrial frequency and medium frequency induction heating, high frequency induction heating, welding, low-voltage high-power electrolysis, electroplating and others.Meanwhile, except harmonic, the load including oil field pumping unit, rolling mills, chemical, intermediate frequency furnace, subway, machinery plants, wind power plant, pumping station, port, automobile factory, exhibition venue, office building, winch, and others, will also cause supply voltage fluctuation and random variation, or system voltage three-phase unbalance, which can seriously affect the public grid power quality. Parallel connecting the harmonic source with bwin开户_bwin娱乐qt_必赢bwin官方 can effectively reduce the harmonic wave quantity, and suppress voltage fluctuation, voltage random variation and three-phase unbalance, compensating power factor.
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